HR Edge was founded on the principle that all individuals and teams benefit from direct coaching that encourages growth to reach peak performance. Just like coaching in athletics, we assess the talents of your team, work with you to develop the game plan, and coach for optimum performance. This approach provides distinct competitive advantages: smooth succession, a strengthened team, clear strategies and goals, and the achievement of results.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps leaders to improve performance professionally and personally. A coach is an accountability partner to the leader and in some cases the leadership team to identify and apply their natural talents to life.


Why do I need a coach?

A coach partners closely with the client to bring clarity and perspective to the natural talents, goals and vision and then helps the client to achieve the desired outcomes.


How does this benefit the company?

When the leadership team gains awareness of themselves and each other and are willing to work together, they can eliminate much of the political and individual noise that may be distracting from the achievement of important business results.

We find that our talent-based approach builds confidence, brings clarity and can create a renewed sense of commitment on the leadership team.