In order to develop the talent of your company you must understand the current state of performance and the potential for growth of your leaders.

Talent Assessments identify the individual’s natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior. These talents can be productively applied to meet the increased expectations of a new role and ensure executive growth plans are a fit for the individual. This assessment is an important input to the succession planning process.

Executive 360s collect specific feedback on leadership dimensions from multiple levels of interaction with the leader. This information provides an understanding of current perceptions and will pave the way to new insights and growth opportunities.


Performance Coaching

Just as athletes are coached to peak performance by focusing on their strengths, both individually and as part of a team, we can develop your leaders to achieve peak performance. By identifying individual talents and having a coach to provide guidance during important business experiences, leaders will increase their confidence and ability to deliver results in a way that is authentic to them.


Strategic Planning Facilitation

As a business leader, one of the most important investments you can make is to develop a strategic roadmap. Whether your leadership team is new, in transition, or has worked together for years, bringing them together to identify and gain commitment to strategies, priorities, and operational models can make your vision a reality. Our approach will deliver increased focus and teamwork and eliminate barriers, driving the team to quickly achieve business results.


Human Resources Advisory Services

Specialized advisory services are provided on strategies, priorities, and plans related to the talent aspects of your company. Our expertise brings perspective and operational know-how, helping the organization perform with confidence. Interim executive coverage and implementation support is also available.


EdgeIn Transitions Program

Whether you are preparing for college, your first workplace or your next career move, the EdgeIn Program can provide the tools, support and learning you need to be successful.  We offer everything from a quick start, one month version to a more intense six month experience. Our programs are available to individuals, corporations and colleges who are looking to improve their onboarding experiences,  retention and time to performance.

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