Clients who take assessments can gain additional benefits and accelerate performance by working with a coach or joining an EdgeIN® program. Choose the assessments that fit your needs and see the difference these valuable insights make!

Gallup Strengths Finder Talent Assessment
Identify your natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Your talents can be productively applied to strengthen professional and personal performance, meet the increased expectations of a new role, and ensure development plans are a fit for you.
Executive 360
Collect specific feedback on executive leadership dimensions from multiple levels of interaction. This information provides an understanding of current perceptions and will pave the way to new insights and growth opportunities. Contact us for more information.

EdgeIN® Assessments

All Six Assessments – $25

Created by HR Edge founder Pam Fletcher, EdgeIN® assessments allow company leadership or individuals to gain insight into their personal brand, relationships, communication, and teamwork skills and to assess potential roles for fit.

Assessments can be sent to advisors, peers, and colleagues to learn more about how you are perceived by others, which will provide a clearer picture for the identification of strengths and areas to manage—critical inputs to any development plan.

EdgeIN® Assessments Include:

Self Awareness
Identify your personal brand and learn how you are perceived by others.

Building Trusting Relationships
Assess your critical relationship behaviors.

Communication Skills
Assess your communication skills.

Team Behavior
Assess your teamwork skills.

Peer Review
Ask others for their perspectives on your contributions.

Employment Offer
Evaluate your employment offers against your needs.

Contact Pam Fletcher at HR Edge here or call 724.302.7155.

"I had the pleasure of working with Pam for a number of years as part of our corporate team at NOVA Chemicals. She is a thoughtful, caring person with great insight and creative ideas. Pam always has a positive attitude so it is no wonder that everyone wants to work with her."

Chris Bezaire  |  SVP Polyethelene Business, NOVA Chemicals