Executive, Career, and Life Coaching

Align with HR Edge for coaching that accelerates performance and growth.

A coach is a partner who understands you as an individual, helps you define what you want to achieve, and works with you to develop a plan to get there. Your coach partners with you through transitions and holds you accountable to your goals in a way that utilizes your authentic traits and talents.

HR Edge offers coaching designed for executives, college administrators, and individuals. Our coaching programs are founded on one-on-one meetings that take place every other week for a minimum duration of 3 months, and extending as long as necessary or desired by the client. During these sessions, we’ll have a discovery phase wherein we get to know our clients’ needs, and afterward we move on to goal-setting, strategizing, and building and executing action plans with accountability.

At an executive level, it’s critical to recognize and maintain the skills necessary to grow in your role, move through challenges, and manage your weaknesses—in turn strengthening your ability to deliver. 

Working with an HR Edge coach, executives will develop next-level readiness and skills for transition to succession positions, stronger performance, and quicker integration to help them excel in their positions.

Key Areas

  • Who: Discovering your style, traits, and talents
  • What:  Identifying focus areas and targets, including blind-spot management
  • How: Combining the who and what to find solutions and strategies that lead to sustainable achievement.

Personal Development
Coaching is about the whole person, not just what you do at home or at work each day. A coach can help you understand your core values, become more self-aware, and direct your energy toward a personal vision.

With pragmatic solutions and knowledgeable support from HR Edge, individuals can learn to more effectively navigate everyday life and future plans. When obstacles arise, HR Edge will be there to course correct along the way.

Key Areas

  • Assessing natural talents
  • Identify personal vision
  • Build workplace transition capabilities 
  • Grow personal/professional network
  • Develop a plan for retirement

Whether you’re starting college, taking on your first internship, or moving into your first career role, these major life transitions come with unique challenges. Achieving personal and professional success requires self-awareness, good communication skills, and the ability to self-manage. 

It’s well established that having a neutral third party,  a coach, encourages an open and thoughtful approach. With expert guidance from HR Edge, students and young professionals can learn to build relationships, set measurable goals, and pursue career growth.

Key Areas

  • Self Awareness and brand management
  • Internal motivation
  • Confidence building
  • Communication and social skills
  • Relationship management
  • Career selection and workplace integration
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Problem-solving


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“Transitions are a part of life. Where are you starting from and where do you want to go? Coaching will help you to clarify, get unstuck and accelerate your achievement of your vision”