Talent Advisory for Boards, Executives, and HR Professionals

HR Edge provides professional advisory to enrich your talent pipeline at any level.

Talent strategy is integral to the success of your company. Almost everything a business delivers happens through people, the talent of the company. Our expertise brings together broad perspective and operational know-how to deliver a distinct competitive advantage.

One of the most challenging responsibilities of a board of directors is building a solid succession plan. When you team up with HR Edge, Pam Fletcher will meet with the board and designated representatives to assess your company’s unique pain points. The next step is presenting a customized succession plan based on role criticality and talent risk-management strategies. Once the plan has been implemented, Pam will be available to consult along the way.

As a supplement to the advisory program, HR Edge offers Executive 360 Assessments to strengthen the dynamics and performance of your senior management team.

Key Areas 

  • Leadership team dynamics
  • Aligning the team to strategy and business objectives
  • Succession gaps identification and management
  • Executive transitions and integration

No company wants to find itself without clear policies and procedures for succession. The path to seamless growth involves succession plans and strategies that are effectively developed, revised (when necessary), and implemented. With support  from HR Edge, you’ll have the tools to build and grow your talent pipeline with executive assessments and focused workplace transition coaching.

Key Areas

  • Coaching for succession
  • Matching talent to strategy 
  • Succession road map and metrics
  • Targeted workforce planning

Human Resources/Talent Professionals
No matter where your company is on its timeline, a strong team will always be crucial to continued growth and visibility in the market. In this digital age, even the most successful businesses need help navigating the challenges of talent acquisition and retention.

HR Edge specializes in helping companies fill their rosters with the talent they need. We’ll meet with you to define your workforce goals and implement metrics, processes, and programs for performance and development.

Key Areas

  • Workforce risk assessment
  • Leadership pipeline
  • Succession metrics and communication
  • Talent advisory services


Contact Pam Fletcher at HR Edge here or call 724.302.7155.

"If I were to field a dream team, made up of the best and brightest people I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 25 years, Pam is there. She offers that rare combination of passion, energy and managerial courage, coupled with deep understanding and experience, across a broad array of business critical issues."

Bill Brengel  |  General Manager, Bayer Material Science